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July 29, 2018 @ 6:00 am

Episode 3: Bivio Pizza Napoletana

We speak with Tomasso, owner of Bivio Pizza Napoletana on Pine Street about how his Neapolitan roots and being a musician enrich his craft to create his legendary wood oven pizzas. Check out our show notes to learn more about Napoletana Pizza and find links to hear him playing alto sax, flute, and clarinet live at Tierney's Tavern.

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July 22, 2018 @ 6:00 am

Episode 2: Held Massage Therapy

We speak with Jess of Held Massage Therapy about what inspired her to create a space in the community for those going through grief, loss, or life transitions. Check out the show notes from this episode for share-able community links and resources curated by Jess and the link to a print designed by Stella (interviewd in last week's episode) inspired by Jess' interview.       

Sponsored by: Amy Owens Realtor and Montclair Pet Girl.

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July 14, 2018 @ 8:52 pm

Episode 1: Stellabird Creative + Montclair Riding Co

We speak with Stella of Stellabird Creative, whose work you may know from either location of Java Love Coffee Roasters Co.

As an added bonus, we also included our interview with Sy, owner of Montclair Riding Company who, after two successful years, will be closing his doors to relocate to the west coast. 

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July 3, 2018 @ 10:36 pm

Podcast Trailer

So what is Podclair?  Maybe you saw us marching in the 4th of July parade.  Or perhaps you follow us on Instagram.  Maybe you heard a rumor from someone that there IS a podcast set in Montclair?

Podclair is based on the premise that conversations are happening every day all over town creating moments where you feel closer and more connected to our community. Our podcast is a way to hear our collective story, through the tales of individuals bringing talent and life to the town in new ways.  Hear stories that reflect the full spectrum of business owners and creative entrepreneurs along the 5 mile stretch from South End to Upper Montclair. 

These spontaneous conversations are what becomes the glue that makes our town a community.

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