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June 28, 2020 @ 1:00 am

Episode 85: Montclair’s Community Response to School’s Out! Businesses for our Youth

In this episode, we're talking with Jessica Kline of Macaroni Kid. Jess is an experienced marketing professional and a seriously busy Mom. She has three kids of her own and through that experience, she developed an appreciation for the value of local connections and information for creating a holistic and social community for raising your kids in.

She found the Macaroni Kid website which brings you news and info that's great for moms and families featuring advice, entertainment, product reviews, holiday fun, and parenting tips and she decided to sign on as a local publisher for our area. She launched in December, before the quarantine, and has realized that her company has new-found relevance in our new locked-down world. 

If you're a Mom or Dad and have busy kids who need to GET OUT, you'll love her story.
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June 14, 2020 @ 2:04 am

Episode 84: Montclair’s Community Response Business Re-Openings & Black Lives Matter

In this episode, we speak with a wide range of people who own businesses here in town supporting their efforts to open successfully.  We talk with many business owners to see what their thoughts are as we move into this phase and how they plan to manage the re-openings, or in a few cases, delaying or not re-opening, just yet.
We begin with introducing you to some of our area's black owned businesses and encourage you  to frequent their shops and services as well. These businesses are just a small sampling of the inclusive culture Montclair has to offer and how we value everyone as great citizens. Please join us in helping them all thrive and grow in this difficult time.  Black Lives Matter --- Now, more than ever...
Light of Gold PR
Artisan Gallery
Cafe Moso
Velvet Lush Boutique
Johari Montclair
We also hear from some other Montclair businesses that are eager and ready to reopen and looking forward to your business once again. We'll speak to some who feel they need to reorganize online first to rebuild their brand before reopening in brick and mortar. We encourage you to give these and all Montclair businesses your support in whatever way you can.
Gelati by Mike
Powerhouse Tattoo
Fleet Feet
Here are the links to their websites:
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