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December 20, 2020 @ 1:00 am

Episode 92: Montclair Meal Kits

In today’s show we’re talking with Jason Milleisen, the creator of Montclair Meal Kits, a full food delivery service devoted to local restaurants in the Montclair area serving the people who live there. An entrepreneur at heart, Jason continues to run a pizza truck and has a true appreciation for the men and women in the food service industry. With the pandemic expected to ramp up, this winter restaurants need our help more than ever. Jason’s vision is for our great Montclair eateries to be easily accessible to the residents via delivery without all the punishing surcharges from third party delivery providers. So what will it take to make this all work? Listen and find out! 

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December 6, 2020 @ 1:00 am

Episode 91: Artisans Gallery Pop-Up Store

In today's show we're talking with Lucienne Coppedge and Renau Daniels, owners of the Artisans Gallery Pop-up Store.  They started this business as a side project to their day jobs but it is a labor of love for them both and it shows in the careful selection of items they offer to their customers. They've made it their mission to bring quality Fair Trade and sustainable jewelry, clothing, home goods and artwork, made by local and international artisans. Many of their items are handcrafted and the majority of them are made by women artisans and designers. They also encourage products and businesses that participate in zero waste and sustainability. Lucienne and Renau have been creating this pop-up since 2015 and recently relocated and reopened Montclair's South End after recovering from the business closures during COVID.

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