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April 30, 2019 @ 6:00 am

Episode 49 Part 3: Montclair Film Education

We speak with the educators behind those beautiful glass doors on Bloomfield Avenue.  In the conclusion to our special series on Montclair Film, Jo speaks with Sue Hollenberg, Montclair Film's Education Director, the woman who brings us all of those great classes for kids and adults.  Find out what Sue has on the schedule plus the very special campaign Montclair Film has launched that'll have you doing something kind for a stranger today. You'll also hear from writer and director Gary Rudoren, Montclair Film's Improv class instructor, and from one of his students who happens to be a familiar voice around town - Ruthie Perretti of Montclair's famous Ruthie's BBQ.  And for all those voiceover wannnabe's - get the inside track from another Montclair Film instructor, the Emmy award winning actress and voice over artist Claudine Ohayon whose commercials you will most likely recognize.  
Montclair Film Festival 2019 kicks off this Friday!
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