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June 28, 2020 @ 1:00 am

Episode 85: Montclair’s Community Response to School’s Out! Businesses for our Youth

In this episode, we're talking with Jessica Kline of Macaroni Kid. Jess is an experienced marketing professional and a seriously busy Mom. She has three kids of her own and through that experience, she developed an appreciation for the value of local connections and information for creating a holistic and social community for raising your kids in.

She found the Macaroni Kid website which brings you news and info that's great for moms and families featuring advice, entertainment, product reviews, holiday fun, and parenting tips and she decided to sign on as a local publisher for our area. She launched in December, before the quarantine, and has realized that her company has new-found relevance in our new locked-down world. 

If you're a Mom or Dad and have busy kids who need to GET OUT, you'll love her story.
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