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October 17, 2018 @ 1:19 am

Episode 17: Java Love + Riverbend Coaching + Content Matters

In our fourth episode of our design week series, we delve into the AC2 Awards. After an open call for nominations last month, we reveal the complete list of nominees and discuss with the co-chairs, Julie Harris* and Jennifer Rittner, how they came up with a new twist on an awards ceremony. We also speak with Kristine Ellis-Pitrik co-owner of Java Love who will be moderating the 'Designing Spark' panel where select recognized nominees will be revealed at the event on 10/21 during design week.

(*Note: Julie's segment was pre-recorded a few months ago as one of our very first recordings and focuses on the evolution of her consulting company. Excuse interruptions from a certain nearby toddler!)

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