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January 19, 2020 @ 6:00 am

Episode 73: Tostchu

We speak with Gokhan Bars, the owner of the new eatery Tostchu (toast-chew) on North Willow.  Gohkan grew up in Istanbul, went to college, and then went into the textile business, manufacturing high quality fabrics for the garment industry. He made a great success of his business in Turkey and Europe, but after many years of hard work and wise investing, he found himself living a life that left him no time for anything but work. His inspiring story it reminds us that though we think we're in charge, sometimes life has other plans for us. We talk to Gokhan about what it's taken for him and his family to build a life on two continents, through resilience, paying attention to what's important in life and remembering to listen to the call of destiny.

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