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April 19, 2020 @ 1:01 am

Episode 80, Part 2: Montclair’s Community Response to Corona - Distance Learning, Daycare, Working from Home

We speak with three local professionals whose businesses are part of a support system for Montclair families. They help manage our households full of busy, active teens, toddlers, and their overworked parents. In America today, in 2020, an average of 57% of households have two working parents. That means this pandemic has severely complicated the lives of most of our residents here in Montclair.
In Part 2, we speak with Howard Weinrib who handles the Education Technology for Montclair School System and who also owns an educational company called TEKI that provides experiences that build self-confidence and leadership qualities in young people while integrating 21st-century technology into learning. And finally, we'll talk with Jay Shah who owns The Education Station Day Care Center in Bloomfield. We'll hear about the problems that arise for the families who have had to forego daycare while still working from home and we'll hear about the daunting position our local businesses are facing as they look forward to the end of the quarantine.
(In Part 1, we'll speak with Paula Ochs from the Family Service League. They provide support and strengthen families in need in Essex County through counseling, education, and social services.)
Financing website resources for small businesses:
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